One in three Italians asks for loans to renovate their home

Government bonuses for the renovation of one’s home continue to prove to be an extremely important driving force for the Italian economy.

The data that have recently been provided by the associations that bring together the manufacturers are absolutely univocal in indicating precisely the renovations aimed at the energy efficiency of housing as a very important flywheel for a sector that has long been put in great difficulty by the crisis followed the bursting of the subprime mortgage bubble. These data are now confirmed by those provided by the Good Observatory, in its latest edition.

The comparison site for consumer credit products

The comparison site for consumer credit products

On the Italian market, which is part of the Good Finance Group, highlights the fact that during the year just ended, the most popular loans for the home renovation were the most popular, reaching 30.9% of the complex. Loans for the purchase of a used car (22.5%) and for furnishings (14.9%) go to the other steps of the podium.

If these are the most popular products, during 2014 the downward trend in loans for hobbies, travel and holidays continues for which the disbursement, in the period between January and December 2014, was only 1, 8%.

A trend that is quite understandable, given the problems that the Italians now have to get to the end of the month and that have prompted many of them to resume cultivating the old propensity to save that once characterized our people, thus taking resources away from the activities recreational or recreational.

From the analysis of the Good Credit Observatory, it is also evident that in the second half of 2014 the most disbursed duration of the loans was that of sixty months, chosen by 20% of consumers, followed by that of 84 months (for which opted for 17.8%) and 36 months (16.2%). As regards the average amount of loans disbursed, however, it reached 10,938 euros, thus giving rise to a decrease compared to that of the first half of 2014.

Assuming the different geographical areas 


Furthermore, 31.7% of the loans disbursed were allocated an amount between five thousand and ten thousand euros.
Assuming the different geographical areas of the country as the reference point, the disbursement of loans with respect to the previous surveys was slightly lower in Northern Italy, where it stood at around 38.8%.

A trend in contrast with that recorded by the Center, which posted a slight increase, reaching 22.6% of the complex and in the South and in the Islands where it stood at around 38.6%. Finally, the survey relating to age groups, which saw 39.2% of the loans disbursed to that located between 36 and 45 years, against 25.4% that was granted to the group between 46 and 55 years and 20, 3% who rewarded the segment between 26 and 35 years old.

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